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Intelligent power system

"KE" intelligent power system

"KE" intelligent power system
"KE" smart power amplifier with a back plate for remote monitoring of the RS485 port, a system can be cascaded 255 AMP (address code: 0~ 255); only with KE AUDIO control software by a computer, remote monitoring. Real time monitoring of each amplifier working condition, such as: the ratio of power amplifier is working, working mode, each channel temperature and volume, signal input sensitivity, the amplifier output power, these projects besides temperature users can arbitrarily adjust. The ratio of output power to be changed: according to the sound system needs power output, which solves the matching smaller power box, you must replace the small power problem. If you are using a power amplifier with built-in DSP series, but also in the remote computer terminal access system in any one amp internal A, B channel parameters, such as: parametric EQ (7), adjust the level of shear, delay, phase etc..

Detailed description

 timing control power: the screen input current, voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage automatic alarm

 large screen display system status

■ four main preparation: automatic switching uninterrupted output

 connection: 485

 system total amount: ≤ 255 single

 stand-alone or system adjustment function

 online amplifier working state monitoring

 abnormal automatic alarm

 remote control: remote monitoring using headquarters

 power amplifier fault remote diagnosis

 intelligent power monitoring system

"KE" smart power amplifier with a back plate for remote monitoring of the RS485 port, a system can be cascaded 255AMP (address code: 0~ 255); only with KE AUDIO control software by a computer, remote monitoring. Real timemonitoring of each amplifier working condition, such as: the ratio of power amplifier is working, working mode, eachchannel temperature and volume, signal input sensitivity, the amplifier output power, these projects besides temperature users can arbitrarily adjust. The ratio of output power to be changed: according to the sound systemneeds power output, which solves the matching smaller power box, you must replace the small power problem. If you are using a power amplifier with built-in DSP series, but also in the remote computer terminal access system in anyone amp internal A, B channel parameters, such as: parametric EQ (7), adjust the level of shear, delay, phase etc..

"KE" smart power rear part has an independent signal sampling port (EMC), can form a 4 main and 1 Preparation ofpower amplifier system by KE260 intelligent controller. Port sampling signal is connected to the KE260 through network, can realize the power automatic monitoring system in the working state. It can identify, set four signalmodes, such as: high frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency, the frequency. If KE260 detects when thesystem power amplifier has no output, it will be in the microsecond time will automatically switch to the backup sizesignal amplifier, so as to ensure sustained, stable work of the whole after the class system to. At the same time, can also be composed of 51 4 and 1 by the power amplifier system, to the remote monitoring by 1 computer terminals,parameters of each facility access network is modified, and can also control of any network in a power amplifier in a remote terminal computer voice, mode, sensitivity, so as to realize remote intelligent monitoring the real.