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Ke introduction


      KE AUDIO is a manufacture specialized power amplifier amplification equipment specialized enterprise. For more than twenty years, has been committed to the research and development, production quality level of professional power amplifier. Products have access to a number of patent protection. Use electronic dust fall workshop manufacturing products. Under the intendance of international ISO9001 Quality System and 6S local management, we also have achieved 3C and CE certifications. And we are China's electronic audio industry association and China entertainment technology association member unit.


       Our goal is“Carefully craft, Create the elaborate products”, pay attention to establish the culture of Company, The opening management, the work combine with the interesting of persona; make everyone under a good and happy environment. Core of the people, scientific management, good to great, trust services is our motto, and aiming at credit step by step, mutual benefits  to work with the customers, for making great Contribution to the audio industry.