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Top audio equipment music festival stage in its embryonic form

April 29, the venue of the First West Lake Music Festival - West Lake Heaven and Earth lake lawn is already a busy scene, a two-stage structure has an initial prototype. Today, the West Lake Music Festival venues will be added to a particularly vibrant and artistic community - will have 30 students from the China Academy of Fine Arts obligation ink and brush on the fence of the music festival scene, impromptu graffiti. Led the Sandinista Hongyi teacher, the school will not give these students arrange a fixed theme, to allow them to be freely their thoughts, freedom, relaxation ... This is exactly the purpose of music festivals, folk spirit.
    Shape have more features, audio equipment are top, carefully to ensure safe, so all day yesterday, only to build a prototype out. Evening, the vehicles transporting shelf broke down halfway, so many master had to stay up late to work, but relied on these master, said the rush schedule to set up the stage for best results, so they did not wait for the shelf free , have been discussing how best to complete the project.
    Engage in the West Lake Music Festival, this is the first time, yesterday's music festival scene, in addition to the staff running in and out, there are a lot of curious people. Stage what look like? Naturally a lot of people have can not wait to know many of them have purchased a music festival tickets, himself, would like to inspection experience, but also the way to the 51 long weekend music festival in advance "dress rehearsal" ; not buy a ticket, would like to see the stage and venue to make a decision; of course, there are a lot happen to pass by, do not know why the West Lake side will emerge the two stage, curious to come take a look at .
    In the evening, there are a lot of people approach the child to watch, even the security of the West Lake Heaven and Earth from time to time to observe what: "never seen before to engage in music festivals in this, do not know how to engage in, so it was curious, take a look at the stage , although not ride finished, but the look is really quite modern!