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“KE”Intelligent Power amplifier

“KE”Two channels intelligent power amplifier with big screen(DSP & DANTE)

“KE”Two channels intelligent power amplifier with big screen(DSP & DANTE)

Detailed description

KETwo channels intelligent power amplifier with big screenDSP & DANTE

1. Power Supply

“KE” intelligent power supply of the power amplifier is quasi resonant full bridge topology, the high-frequency transformer magnetic core using cutting-edge technology of nanomaterials. It has the advantage of high power efficiency, big power, and use high power tube as the full bridge switch tube, the power of the internal resistance is low. It can provide high current moment to load. Match the mega bass have enough energy to control paper cone. The presentation of good strength.


2. Amplifying Circuit

“KE” intelligent amplifier can work long hours and under pressure with a loud voice power not smaller and it also won't appear overheating protection. Power amplifier inside there is a real time automatic detection of load impedance circuit. So when the load impedance is lower than the product of the preset value, detection circuit will call this information is sent to a gain of self-locking circuit. Circuit will make some corresponding adjustment, in does not affect the products under the premise of stable work, the output power will adjust according to the size of the load accordingly, so as to ensure the stability of the product, and doesn't affect the use of the load.

“KE” intelligent power amplifier is not easy to overheating protection; the efficiency of the whole machine can reach 89 in 8 Ω conditions. So in normal use is not easy to appear the phenomenon of overheating protection. If due to environment or other reasons lead to rapid temperature rise of the power amplifier, at a certain temperature, the power amplifier within the sensor will automatically by the MCU to turn up the volume fell by 1 dB, at this time if the temperature continues to rise, the volume is automatically drop 1 dB, stop rising and start falling, if the temperature when dropped to a certain temperature, the volume is automatically increased, so far has been added to the initial value. And it has the very good music quality as class AB amplifier, and the efficiency of class D power amplifier.


3. Complete Appliance

“KE” intelligent signal amplification signal processing of the power amplifier and power supply are interrelated. In power amplifier is started, the total control circuit can automatically detect the relevant circuit state, confirmed after each part of the circuit there is no problem to start work. In the process of work, each part of the circuit with MCU can own working state real time detection, and the data sent to the rest of the associated circuits. Other parts at the same time bring the MCU also in the working state of the field testing itself, and to send the information to the rest of the associated circuit, for mutual exchange. In the process of information exchange, if data change in one part of the circuit, then the other circuit will automatically make the corresponding adjustment, make the product stability and reliability to improve on an unprecedented scale.


4. Built-in high-performance DSP processor

“KE” intelligent power amplifier built-in DSP has: high performance double 32 - bit audio dedicated floating-point processor, high performance A/D, D/A converter; Each channel has 5 parametric equalizer, all parameters are adjustable; Multiple frequency division mode, 6db, 12db, 24db or 48db NingKe - sharp, beisaier, butterworth; Each channel has its own latency, maximum 80 ms and 0.1 ms delay interval; Each channel is independent of compressors and limiter, all parameters can be adjusted; Function of phase inversion, digital noise gate; 30 users memory, intuitive and friendly computer interface, RJ45 interface; Channel Copy function, convenient debugging and so on many merits.

Technical Data:





Number of input channels



Number of output channels



RMS. Output PowerEIA (AC230V)

8 ohms ch.



4 ohms ch.



2 ohms ch.



8 ohms bridged



4 ohms bridged



Special function

Built-in DSP processor



The matrix of input signal



PC Monitor



Standby system



Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions (W/H/D)

483 mm*88 mm (2 U) *440 mmDepth contains handle and the rear support



15 kg


Black painted steel chassis with black painted steel/aluminum front



Overall Efficiency & Input Characteristics


Overall Efficiency 8 ohms


Inputs Sensitivity


Inputs Impedance

30KOHM(balanced, stereo )  15KOHM (unbalanced, parallel)

Frequency response


Slew rate


Damping factor


S/NA weighted


Audio Performance

THD+N 20Hz-20KHz for 1W


THD+N at 1KHz and 1dB below clipping


Frequency response (1W into 8 ohms,20Hz-20KHz)


Common Mode Rejection(CMR) 20 Hz ~ 1 KHZ


Internal sample rate


Internal data path

64bit floating point

Sample Rate Converters

THD + Noise

0.003 %, 20 Hz - 20 KHz, unweighted

Analog to Digital inputs

THD + Noise

0.022 %,typical at 1kHz unweighted at +26dBu headroom setting

Device presets

Local memory locations for the settings of the product



Adjustable Inter-Sample Voltage Peak Limiter(ISVPL)

-20dB ~ +10dB

Limter Max(RMS and peak limiters)


-Max RMS(RMS voltage limiter)


-Max Peak(peak voltage limiter)



Simulation attenuator

0~ 50 , Step 0.25dB

Rear-panel inerface

Analog/ Digital 2-channels (input + link)

4*3-pin XLR/2* RJ45

Output connectors

2* Neutrik Speakon NLT4

Auto 10/100,Auto Uplink

2* RJ45

Control and monitoring interface

Via Ethernet for KE AUDIO Controller software.


Three fans front-to-rear airflow.

Front-panel user interface

Sunlight normal display LCD

4.3inch,daylight readable TFT.

Fault/Warning/Limit/Clip indicators

LED Display

Soft function buttons


Standby Power button


Mute Enable button

Via the touch control input and output mute.

Meter button

Provides a menu driven interface for full function.

Exit button

Provides a function for switching the submenu.


Operating voltage range

AC 160V - 260V

Soft start/Inrush Current Draw